Mini Shelf Reviews | The Sock Monster by Linda Lokhee

Ok so you grab the washing off the line, manage to find a bit of time to fold and put them away and…you’re short about 5 socks?? How could this be?? This little book may have the answer…or at least a sweet story to explain the strange phenomenon to all the little people in your life! 😆

The Sock Monster Linda Lokhee

Ike loves collecting socks. Big, small, sports, coloured, spotted, he has no preference. Except, he likes to take just the one sock, leaving the other behind. We soon learn that Ike is in need of some friends, and his newest one may have a thing or two to teach him about stealing socks!

My almost 4 year old loves this book, she requests it all the time, and finds Ike ‘the friendly monster, but monsters are not real’ hilarious and cheeky. The rhyming text is also great, as it means she can finish off the sentences, which makes her so proud. The lovely bright pictures also keep my 18 month old happy, so it’s a book we can read all together! We met local author Linda Lokhee at an event at Harry Hartog earlier on in the year, and she’s so lovely and engaging…and she has heaps of cute, real life Ike toys!! We were very glad to be able to add this one to our collection. 💝 Do you have a sock monster at your house??!

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