Book Review | The Daughter of Victory Lights

“All of us here have secrets many would shudder to learn. That’s the one thing about humanity you can always rely on: we’ll forever judge the secrets and faults of others while desperately trying to make sure ours stay hidden. The Victory is different.’ ⁣⁣

Happy pub day to this beauty of a book! Self-assured, determined and pragmatic, Evelyn Bell seeks something more out of life. Snapped up by the ATS during the war effort, her job as a searchlight operator in an all girl crew gives her a welcome taste of independence, something she is loathe to trade for the domestic drudgery waiting back home for her after the war.

⁣⁣When she sees an opportunity to use her beloved skills operating the lights on the showboat ‘The Victory’, she jumps at the chance. ⁣⁣She is taken under the wings of the formidable showmen Bee and Humphrey. She finds her sea legs, as well as a family of sorts, falling into the ebb and flow of performance life. Here, Evelyn sheds her old self and becomes Evie. Her path soon crosses with fellow light operator Flynn, an American who has his own stories – and nightmares -that still haunt him. ⁣⁣

Lucy is a quiet little girl, working hard to avoid her aunt and cousin’s disapproval. She never knew her parents- has long since learnt not to ask- and has convinced herself she doesn’t care. When a mysterious man appears on her doorstep, her small world is about to get a lot bigger.

⁣⁣This was my first book by this Kerri Turner and it definitely won’t be the last! From the moment Evie joined The Victory, I couldn’t put it down. ⁣I’m a total sucker for stories that involve dance. music and theatre, and this combined all this and then some! The performances were vivid, I could see them as I read them, which is probably a nod to the author’s background in dance.

Evie is an amazing protagonist, brave and not afraid to forge her own path. Lucy stole my heart and I also loved the gentle nature of Humphrey and the sauciness of Bee. I don’t want to give too much away, but this was an emotional ride that ended on a bittersweet note. A five star read that is sure to please any historical fiction lover! ⁣⁣

Thanks to @kerriturner_author & @harlequinaus for my copy in exchange for a review. Out today! 

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