Blog tour | When We Were Vikings

“Once Dr. Laird asked me why I liked Vikings. I told him three reasons:⁣⁣
One, they are brave.⁣⁣
Two, they are strong and people have to think twice before trying to hurt them.⁣⁣
Three, Viking heroes stand up for people who can’t defend themselves.”⁣⁣

Life isn’t always black and white. Heroes can act villainously, and villains can likewise surprise us. This is something that Zelda, a 21 year old Viking enthusiast, who also happens to suffer from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, is trying to come to terms with. Gert, her older brother has been dabbling in some questionable ways of keeping them afloat, her fair maiden may be more of a villain and her friends just aren’t playing by the rules. ⁣⁣
She decides to embark on her own legend in order to set everything right. Just like the Vikings she loves, she wants to prove her worth, and in doing so, figures out that she may be a lot more courageous than what society has told her she can be. ⁣⁣
This book took me by surprise. I loved the relationship between Zelda and her brother Gert, who had a world of responsibility thrust on him at a young age. He stepped up for Zelda when no one else would. She’s now growing up and keen to unlock more of the world around her, but the question is, who needs who more? ⁣Likewise, I loved the way AK-47 loved her. In contrast to Gert, she was trying to nurture the woman she knew Zelda could become.⁣
Zelda ultimately learns that legends are made while you’re busy making lists, keeping by the rules and trying to bring order to a world that isn’t always ordered or kind. Sometimes the most important things don’t even fit on a list, and heroes can be found in the most unlikely places. ⁣⁣
Some moments had me tearing up, but overall an enjoyable, feel good read. Thanks to @simonschusterau for my copy in exchange for review, and for having me on the blog tour.🥰 ⁣

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