Book review | The Year the Maps Changed

“Lately I’ve been wondering what piece mum took with her when she died, and I’d been thinking of the Winnie I would have been if she hadn’t.” 💔 ⁣

🥳 Welcome to my tour stop for The Year the Maps Changed! 🥳⁣

Winifred (Fred, Freddo or Winnie, depending on who you ask) is 11 years old, and her messy life is about to get more complicated. Her mum died when she was just 6, and her adoptive dad Luca and grandpa Pop have been taking care of her ever since. She’s trying to sort through her grief, confusion and loneliness. But just when she thinks she may have a handle on the changed landscape, the wind is knocked out of her again. Luca’s partner Anika and her son Sam are moving in! Fred suddenly feels like the third wheel in their new little family unit. ⁣

Amidst all this, their community is shaken up by the arrival of a group of Kosovar – Albanian refugees, escaping war and persecution in their homeland to settle in the ‘Haven’. ⁣

What follows is a tumultuous year, filled with peaks and valleys as Winnie and her newly formed family unit and friends weather the complicated terrain of growing up in a small Aussie community, figuring out the difference between what’s right under the eyes of the law versus deep down in their gut. ⁣

What they’ll discover is putting prejudice, hate and discrimination aside, people all over the world, regardless of their background, age or visa status know deep down where they belong, and they don’t really need a map to tell them where that is, or how to get there. This is a great book for middle grade readers! I think they’ll really connect with the characters and discover some great information in an age appropriate way. Thanks to @ausyabloggers @hachetteaus and @dateabook for the opportunity to review and @dbinks for writing an awesome book! 🥰

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