A very bookish brunch

QOTD: What happens when you get a bunch of #bookstagrammers together for Saturday brunch and ply them with caffeine? ⁣⁣
AOTD: About a hundred kilos of books (each!), enough bookmarks to last a lifetime and tote bags galore! ⁣⁣
Thank you SO much to @acosyreader and @princessbecreads for organising this amazing brunch hosted at @shenkin_official! It was so lovely to meet everyone and put names and faces to Insta handles 😆! If you’re not already following these ladies check out their accounts:⁣⁣
@littlebookowl ⁣⁣
And a huge thanks to the publishers who contributed books and merch like bookmarks, pins and so much more!⁣⁣
@harpercollinsaustralia ⁣⁣
Check out my ginormous stack of gifted books, and swipe right to see my book swap haul and some snaps of the day! The girls did an AMAZING job pulling this together without a hitch and made us all feel so special. 💝 Now to find some room on my shelves!

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