Review | A Court of Mist & Fury

‘You say I should be a weapon, not a pawn – they seem like the same to me. The only difference is who’s wielding it.’ ⁣⁣
Feyre is back home from Under the Mountain…although the walls are starting to feel a little stifling. Both Tamlin and Feyre are recovering from the what they encountered, albeit in different ways. Tamlin, a natural protector wishes to look after Feyre, building a shield up so no one can get in…and she can’t get out. Feyre feels like she’s drowning, with silence her only companion in Tamlin’s Spring court.⁣

A Court of Wings And Ruin

This first part of the book was hard to read. Gone was the headstrong and determined Feyre from #ACOTAR, what’s left is a shadow of her former self. Her ordeal left real scars – some visible – and she’s now trying to come to terms with them. Here I give Maas props for showing the far reaching consequences of everything Feyre and Tamlin went through. ⁣
Luckily for us, showing impeccable timing as always, Rhysand arrives to cash in the bargain he struck with Feyre Under The Mountain. And with him comes banter, wit and a breath of fresh air, as well as a whole new cast of characters. Rhysand and Tamlin are like night and day, not only in character and court, but also in their approach with Feyre. Where one wishes to keep her safe, the other gives her the freedom she desperately craves to find herself again. She’s surprised to learn that Rhys wishes to help Feyre discover herself, discover his court and discover…him. ⁣⁣
Amidst all this, Feyre feels an unfamiliar power thrumming in her new body. As forces gather to shatter the fragile peace, she must decide what she wants to be. A pawn. Or weapon. The choice is hers. ⁣⁣

I absolutely loved this book! What started off as a retelling has become so much more – the world building, pace, characters and plot come together to create magic. and let’s not forget #chapter55 (although I also loved chapter 54). Have you read this? Drop me your thoughts below! ⁣

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