Book Review | Love Her or Lose Her

Rosie and Dominic are the perfect couple. Together since high school, they know everything there is so know about each other. Their innermost thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears. Fast forward a decade, and the high school sweethearts have drifted apart. Their rift is so large, that despite coexisting in the same house, they haven’t spoken properly in years. 
This has led to Rosie losing steam and confidence in life, putting aside her dreams of opening a restaurant and serving food her mum taught her to cook. Fed up, Rosie confronts Dominic, threatening to leave unless he shapes up. 

Dominic returned home from active duty a changed man. one thing that remains a steadfast, although his actions sometimes don’t agree, is his unwavering love and dedication to Rosie. Eager to prove this, he surprises his wife by agreeing to last ditch couples counselling with a ‘hippy’ relationship coach who uses some unconventional methods to bring the couple closer. 

I really enjoyed this book! My kindle app tells me I read it in 5 hours, so that should tell you enough! This was my first contemporary romance that focused on a married couple, and I have to say it was a refreshing change. There was no will they, won’t they as such, but that’s not to say it wasn’t filled with tension and drama…and steam! This is my first by this author (yes, I got the books mixed up and read this one first 😅) and I had been forewarned, but it did catch me off guard at first. 

Dominic was stoic and unwavering, and Rosie stood up for herself and took her career and life by the reigns. I loved the use of the love languages throughout, and enjoyed seeing how the couple evolved. Overall a fun, quick read. Do you like steam in your novels or do you prefer a fade to black? 

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